Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Using Paraben Free Hair Dressing to Prevent Breast Cancer, Decreased Sperm Count and Early Puberty

Paraben free hair dressing is usually sought after by people who want to avoid the dangers of these chemicals. Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics. They allow most products to have a longer shelf life they carry several side effects. For example, men who use creams with these chemicals may experience a decrease in their sperm count over time.

Women who apply skin treatments to their arms, legs or face can absorb these harmful chemicals. Parabens behave like estrogens and can disrupt the body’s normal rate of production of breast cells. Parabens and other synthetic forms of estrogen are not easily broken down by the body and they accumulate in fatty tissue.

CHI Deep Brilliance ( On Safe for Kids, Paraben Free

These are a few popular hair dressing brands that are free of chemicals that mimic estrogen. CHI Deep Brilliance Glisten Polish is one of them. It allows you to create textured hair styles. There are also shampoos, such as TotLogic, that are free of phthalates, DEA, formaldehyde and PEG. These are safe for people of all ages.

Children who use hair dressings like these may start puberty early. Young boys may have breast development as well. In order to avoid these problems, you can try to use deodorants, shampoos and other cosmetics that do not contain these preservatives.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review of Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food Uses

Jamaican black castor oil hair food is used by women all over the world. This dressing is suitable for both natural and processed hair. It helps to give your hair shine and length. Many people who use this sort of treatment for curly or straight hair are interested in preventing breakage.

Personally, I have had positive results from using castor oil based hair treatments. Although I don’t process my hair except to add a little color on occasion, I do have problems sometimes with split ends. Oil from the castor bean helped to relieve those dry ends and prevent splitting.

Jamaican oil is different from the rest because it is manufactured using traditional methods. This helps it to keep most of its beneficial properties for hair and skin, unlike heavily processed brands. It is also relatively inexpensive, when compared to natural plant based treatments that promote healthy skin and hair. It’s so concentrated that you can mix it with other dressings and still get good results.

Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil (On Amazon)- for Softness & Shine, Grows Hair

If you have a problem with split ends, I would definitely recommend this treatment. If you color your hair and the tresses are dry as a result, this product will soften and smooth the cuticle. Lavender in the product provides a relaxing scent and the oil melts into your scalp. If you have problems with a dry, itchy scalp, this will help to relieve that.